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Intermediate Membership

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Playing Policies

Dress Code

Members and guests and green fee players shall comply with
the following dress code whilst in the Clubhouse or on the golf

Men & Junior Boys
Gym shorts or sweat pants are not allowed. Short-sleeved polo's with a collar are the minimum requirements. No muscle shirts permitted. Blue jeans are permitted but must not be patched, frayed or with holes. Shirts bearing numbers, slogans or offensive illustrations are not permitted.

Ladies & Junior Girls
Shorts, skirts or slacks are allowed the year ‘round. Gym shorts or sweat pants are not allowed. Sleeveless shirts with a collar or collarless shirts with sleeves are the minimum requirements. No tank tops, halter tops or spaghetti strap shirts are allowed.

Practice Range
As the practice range is limited in size, hitting balls deliberately
outside the boundaries of the practice range is prohibited.
Anyone entering the confines of the practice range does so at
their own risk.

All carts must remain twenty feet from the tees and greens and
be keep out of bunkers and must follow pathways and/or
posted signing. Riding carts must remain on cart paths when so posted. Use of a power cart shall not, under any circumstance, be construed as giving a player any special right or privilege on the course.

Pets are not be permitted on golf course.


Cell Phones
Cellular and other portable telephones are not permitted to be
used on the golf course. Except Medical professionals.


Frost Damage

Foot Traffic Causes Substantial Damage To Frozen Greens!

Golf greens are fragile and require careful, professional management, a green is a collection of millions of individual grass plants that are very delicate. The grass plant is 90% water and can be easily crushed in frosty conditions as a consequence play in these conditions can cause the plant to die.

There are two types of frost: -


White frost on the surface, damage to the grass leaf


Clear frost and the top 2 inches of top-soil have thawed, the sub-soil may still be frozen. Play on the greens in such circumstances will cause root break where the underlying roots are severed causing the plant to die.

Damage may not be immediately evident but within 2/3 days the leaves will turn brown & the plant will die. This causes thinning of the grass coverage & weakens the remaining plants. This in turn makes the surface more susceptible to disease. At the start of the new season the greens will take longer to recover and the quality of the putting surfaces will be compromised.

Ice also builds up in between the spikes on the golfers shoes, with the ice build up the imprint from golf shoes can cause damage to the surface as they now have the imprint of a football boot.

It is, therefore, essential that golfers do not play to main greens or use the putting green when greenstaff have put temporary greens in play. The greenstaff realize that temporary greens are not popular with the membership but they are a necessary evil.


Thank you,


Your Grounds Staff